·        Programs: My philosophy has always been that those who are not attuned  to changing demographics will be left behind, so I have always assessed curricula and worked with faculty to develop programming that meets the needs of current and future students. This has meant a host of new technology programs as well as a program for the chemically dependent and some health care programs. It also has meant eliminating programs that were no longer viable in order to have resources for programs with promise.

·        Collaborations: The majority of my work has been in community colleges, and I have always known that the focus on “community “ is not accidental. I, therefore, have climbed stairs to examine coal- washing equipment, met with groups of people where I was the only one in the room who did not speak Spanish, collaborated with officials at major corporations and city officials  who had the resources to help the colleges I have served.

·        Leadership at state and national levels: Board of directors for the League for Innovation in Community Colleges, Executive Committee of the Board of directors of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, Chair of the Commission of the Office of Minorities in Higher Education of the American Council on Education, President of Texas Junior College Association, Executive Committee of the Kentucky Humanities Council, Chair of the Kentucky National identification Project for the Advancement of Women in Higher Education of the American Council on Education

·        Facilities: Responsible for overseeing construction of a library at Southeast Community and Technical College (KY); passing a bond issue to build a science building and overseeing the construction of same at Lee College (TX); securing donated space at the San Jacinto Mall and overseeing the construction of a campus facility there (TX) ; soliciting donations from community members to build the John and Jane Tucker Center and to rehab multiple facilities as well as to purchase a child care center and a 65.000 square foot building and rehab it(TX);overseeing the construction of a technology center at Rancho Santiago Community College District(CA) ;

·        Enrollment/Marketing: Was able to dramatically increase enrolment at colleges I headed through an assessment of the particular populations and designing strategies to directly address those populations. This involved conferring with community leaders for whom I was targeting initiatives and getting them actively involved with college personnel in implementing those strategies.


Achievements are possible only if a leader has a vision, can communicate that vision to others, can enlist the support of necessary individuals, can identify resources, and can handle the multiple issues that arise.